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Q1. Which of the following parameters are used for journalctl to limit the time frame of the output? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. --from=

B. --since=

C. --until=

D. --upto=

E. --date=

Answer: B,C

Q2. In case neither cron.allow nor cron.deny exist in /etc/, which of the following is true?

A. Without additional configuration, no users may have user specific crontabs.

B. Without additional configuration, all users may have user specific crontabs.

C. The cron daemon will refuse to start and report missing files in the system's logfile.

D. When a user creates a user specific crontab the system administrator must approve it explicitly.

Answer: A

Q3. After issuing:

function myfunction { echo $1 $2 ; } in Bash, which output does: myfunction A B C


A. A B

B. A B C

C. A C

D. B C

E. C B A

Answer: A

Q4. How can the existing environment variable FOOBAR be suppressed for the execution of the script./myscript only?

A. unset -v FOOBAR;./myscript

B. set -a FOOBAR="";./myscript

C. env -u FOOBAR./myscript

D. env -i FOOBAR./myscript

Answer: C

Q5. When the command echo $$ outputs 12942, what is the meaning of 12942?

A. It is the process ID of the echo command.

B. It is the process ID of the current shell.

C. It is the process ID of the last command executed.

D. It is the process ID of the last command which has been placed in the background.

Answer: B

Q6. Which command makes the shell variable named VARIABLE visible to subshells?

A. export $VARIABLE

B. export VARIABLE




Answer: B

Q7. Which commands can be used to change a user's account aging information? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. usermod

B. passwd

C. chattr

D. chage

E. chsh

Answer: A,B,D

Q8. What is true regarding the file ~/.forward?

A. As it is owned by the MTA and not writable by the user, it must be edited using the editaliases command.

B. After editing ~/.forward the user must run newaliases to make the mail server aware of the changes.

C. Using ~/.forward, root may configure any email address whereas all other users may configure only their own addresses.

D. When configured correctly, ~/.forward can be used to forward each incoming mail to more than one other recipient.

Answer: D

Q9. What is the difference between the commands test -e path and test -f path?

A. They are equivalent options with the same behaviour.

B. The -f option tests for a regular file. The -e option tests for an empty file.

C. Both options check the existence of the path. The -f option also confirms that it is a regular file.

D. The -f option tests for a regular file. The -e option tests for an executable file.

Answer: C

Q10. What entry can be added to the syslog.conf file to have all syslog messages generated by a system displayed on console 12?

A. *.* /dev/tty12

B. /var/log/messages | /dev/tty12

C. | /dev/tty12

D. syslog tty12

E. mail.* /dev/tty12

Answer: A

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