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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q1. A is an input object in the shape of a small square that can be selected, or checked on or off.

A. input box

B. checkbox

C. select

D. radio button

Answer: B

Q2. The following are both advantages of creating user defined objects in JavaScript:

1. You can create sophisticated solutions with a minimum of coding.

2. You can represent programming constructs as objects (which allows you to code efficient schemes for evaluating forms or creating client-side databases).



Answer: A

Q3. 1stName would be a valid variable name.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Q4. The technique of embedding scripting instructions directly into certain HTML tags is called


A. tagging

B. client-side scripting

C. inline scripting

D. scripting

Answer: C

Q5. What is the primary difference between method and functions when working with custom JavaScript objects?

A. There is no difference between method and functions in JavaScript.

B. Method work with single instances of objects, whereas functions can work on all instances of an object.

C. Functions are declared in the constructor, whereas method are never declared in the constructor.

D. Method are single entities, whereas functions can have more than one method.

Answer: B

Q6. What is a constructor function in JavaScript?

A. A special function that enables the recursion of functions throughout the Web site.

B. A special function that allows the construction of objects.

C. Any function that allows databases to be parsed without being loaded entirely into memory.

D. Any function that allows the definition of any object as a global rather than a specific instance.

Answer: B

Q7. The window object is subordinate to the document object in the JavaScript hierarchy.



Answer: A

Q8. Which one of the following best describes JavaScript?

A. Interpreted at run time, and complied

B. Interpreted at run time, and not compiled

C. Not interpreted at run time, and compiled on the server

D. Not interpreted at run time, and not compiled

Answer: B

Q9. In which part of the HTTP communication protocol does the cookie initially begin to function?

A. In the initial query, to identify the user to the server.

B. In the HTTP response header.

C. In the parsing of the serveru2019s user database.

D. After the server confirms the browseru2019s ability to recognize cookies.

Answer: B

Q10. When the alert() method and the prompt() method are both used in the same statement, the method will process first.

A. open()

B. prompt()

C. alert()

D. confirm()

Answer: B

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