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New Cisco 200-310 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Question No: 3

Which option is an object instance than an API identifies using informationmodel-based architecture?


B. Class

C. Method


Answer: A


Question No: 4

An engineer is desigining a network that is divided into multiple areas and supports a mixed vendor routing environment. Which interior gateway protocol must be selected?




D. RIPv2

Answer: A


Question No: 5

Cisco FabricPath brings the benefits of routing protocols to Layer 2 network Ethernet environments. What are two advantages of using Cisco FabricPath technology? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco FabricPath provides MAC address scalability with conversational learning.

B. Loop mitigation is provided by the TTL field in the frame.

C. Cisco FabricPath technology is supported in all Cisco platforms and can replace legacy Ethernet in all campus networks.

D. Cisco FabricPath relies on OSPF to support Layer 2 forwarding between switches, which allows load balancing between redundant paths.

E. Cisco FabricPath is IETF-standard and is not used with Cisco products.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 6

When designing the identity and access control portions for the enterprise campus network, which of these solutions would be the most appropriate solution to consider?

A. 802.1X

B. ACLs in the core layer

C. Cisco Security MARS

D. NetFlow

Answer: A

Question No: 7

Which option is an advanced congestion management mechanism?

A. weighted fair queuing

B. policing

C. payload compression

D. header compression

Answer: A

Question No: 8

An infrastructure is designing a private WAN infrastructure to support an Organization and must support quality of service and multicast functionality to the remote sites. Which WAN technology support this requirement?


B. IPsec VPN



Answer: A

Question No: 9

What statement about EVN is true?

A. Support RIP

B. Support OSPFV3

C. Required LDP

D. Support as many as 32 virtual networks per device

Answer: D


Question No: 10

What are two benefits of the bottom-up design approach? (Choose two.)

A. allows a quick response to a design request

B. facilitates design that is based on previous experience

C. requires little or no notation of actual organizational requirements for implementation

D. incorporates organizational requirements

E. provides a broader overview to the organization and the designer

Answer: A,B

Question No: 11

According to fundamental design principles, which location is best for implementing Cisco QoS policies?

A. hardware

B. software

C. Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers running IOS software

D. WAN routers running IOS software

Answer: A

Question No: 12

A network engineer requires that an OSPF ASBR must only flood external LSAs only within its own area. What OSPF area type should be configured?

A. Backbone Area

B. Totally Stub Area

C. Not So Stubby Area

D. Stub Area

Answer: C

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