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New Cisco 200-310 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 12 - Question 21)

New Questions 12

Which option can use deep-packet examination to determine the specific nature of an attack?

A. network IPS

B. NetFlow collector

C. stateful firewall

D. syslog server

Answer: A

New Questions 13

What is the key limitation of using Internet circuits as a backup to a private enterprise WAN?

A. circuit bandwidth

B. prioritization

C. security

D. operational expense

Answer: B

New Questions 14

A data center is being deployed, and one design requirement is to be able to readily scale server virtualization. Which IETF standard technology can provide this requirement?

A. Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links

B. Cisco FabricPath

C. data center bridging

D. Cisco Unified Fabric

Answer: A

New Questions 15

Which value must you configure on a Microsoft DHCP server so that Cisco wireless Aps can locate the wireless controllers?

A. the length value

B. the IP DHCP pool name

C. a vendor class identifier

D. the Type suboption code Oxe1

Answer: B

New Questions 16

What is the primary consideration when choosing a routed network design over a traditional campus network design?

A. Layer 3 service support at the network edge

B. the routing protocol choice: open (OSPF) or proprietary (EIGRP)

C. the routing abilities of the host devices

D. the need to control the broadcast domains within the campus core

Answer: A

New Questions 17

If two routing protocols have the same route and prefix, which effect do they have on the routing table?

A. Only the route with the lowest administrative distance is added.

B. Only the route with the highest administrative distance is added.

C. Both routes are added.

D. Neither route is added, and a loop is formed.

Answer: A

New Questions 18

Which technology allows remote networks to be connected via site-to-site tunnels?

A. IPsec VPN

B. AnyConnect VPN


D. EasyConnect VPN

Answer: A

New Questions 19

Which statement describes an advantage of the Layer 2 access model over the Layer 3 access model in the data center?

A. It enables NIC teaming.

B. It removes STP dependency.

C. It increases scalability.

D. It decreases convergence.

Answer: A

New Questions 20

Which option is used by OSPF to reduce the flooding domain of database updates in a network?

A. hello packets

B. virtual links

C. interface cost

D. areas

Answer: D

New Questions 21

Which subnet mask should you use on point-to-point links to avoid wasting IP addresses?





Answer: A

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