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New Cisco 210-260 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 11 - Question 20)

New Questions 11

In a security context, which action can you take to address compliance?

A. Implement rules to prevent a vulnerability.

B. Correct or counteract a vulnerability.

C. Reduce the severity of a vulnerability.

D. Follow directions from the security appliance manufacturer to remediate a vulnerability.

Answer: A

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit.

All ports on switch 1 have a primary VLAN of 300. Which devices can host 1 reach?

A. Host 2

B. Server

C. Host 4

D. Other devices within VLAN 303

Answer: B

New Questions 13

What type of algorithm uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt data?

A. a symmetric algorithm

B. an asymmetric algorithm

C. a Public Key Infrastructure algorithm

D. an IP security algorithm

Answer: A

New Questions 14

Which two authentication types does OSPF support? (Choose two.)

A. plaintext

B. MD5


D. AES 256

E. SHA-1


Answer: A,B

New Questions 15

Which option is the most effective placement of an IPS device within the infrastructure?

A. Inline, behind the internet router and firewall

B. Inline, before the internet router and firewall

C. Promiscuously, after the Internet router and before the firewall

D. Promiscuously, before the Internet router and the firewall

Answer: A

New Questions 16

What technology can you use to provide data confidentiality, data integrity and data origin authentication on your network?

A. Certificate Authority


C. IPSec

D. Data Encryption Standards

Answer: C

New Questions 17

Which ports need to be active for AAA server and a Microsoft server to permit Active Directory authentication?

A. 445 and 389

B. 888 and 3389

C. 636 and 4445

D. 363 and 983

Answer: A

New Questions 18

What is the highest security level that can be configured for an interface on an ASA?

A. 0

B. 50

C. 100

D. 200

Answer: C


u2711 Security level 100: This is the highest security level on our ASA and by default this is assigned to the u201cinsideu201d interface. Normally we use this for our u201cLANu201d. Since this is the highest security level, by default it can reach all the other interfaces.

New Questions 19

Refer to the exhibit.

For which reason is the tunnel unable to pass traffic?

A. UDP port 500 is blocked.

B. The IP address of the remote peer is incorrect.

C. The tunnel is failing to receive traffic from the remote peer.

D. The local peer is unable to encrypt the traffic.

Answer: C

New Questions 20

Which statement about IOS privilege levels is true?

A. Each privilege level supports the commands at its own level and all levels below it.

B. Each privilege level supports the commands at its own level and all levels above it.

C. Privilege-level commands are set explicitly for each user.

D. Each privilege level is independent of all other privilege levels.

Answer: A

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