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New Cisco 210-260 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 13 - Question 22)

Q1. Which two functions can SIEM provide? (Choose Two)

A. Correlation between logs and events from multiple systems.

B. event aggregation that allows for reduced log storage requirements.

C. proactive malware analysis to block malicious traffic.

D. dual-factor authentication.

E. centralized firewall management.

Answer: A,C

Q2. Which address block is reserved for locally assigned unique local addresses?

A. 2002::/16

B. FD00::/8

C. 2001::/32

D. FB00::/8

Answer: B

Q3. What are two options for running Cisco SDM? (Choose two)

A. Running SDM from a mobile device.

B. Running SDM from a routeru2019s flash.

C. Running SDM from a PC

D. Running SDM from within CiscoWorks

E. Running SDM from the Cisco web portal.

Answer: C,E

Q4. A clientless SSL VPN user who is connecting on a Windows Vista computer is missing the menu option for Remote Desktop Protocol on the portal web page. Which action should you take to begin troubleshooting?

A. Ensure that the RDP2 plug-in is installed on the VPN gateway

B. Reboot the VPN gateway

C. Instruct the user to reconnect to the VPN gateway

D. Ensure that the RDP plug-in is installed on the VPN gateway

Answer: D

Q5. By which kind of threat is the victim tricked into entering username and password information at a disguised website?

A. Spoofing

B. Malware

C. Spam

D. Phishing

Answer: D

Q6. What is the most common Cisco Discovery Protocol version 1 attack?

A. Denial of Service

B. MAC-address spoofing

C. CAM-table overflow

D. VLAN hopping

Answer: A

Q7. Protocols supported in contest aware VRF over VRF lite? Choose Two


B. Multicast


Answer: A,B

Q8. Which feature of the Cisco Email Security Appliance can mitigate the impact of snowshoe spam and sophisticated phishing attacks?

A. contextual analysis

B. holistic understanding of threats

C. graymail management and filtering

D. signature-based IPS

Answer: A

Q9. Which two characteristics apply to an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ? Choose two

A. Does not add delay to the original traffic.

B. Cabled directly inline with the flow of the network traffic.

C. Can drop traffic based on a set of rules.

D. Runs in promoscous mode.

E. Cannot drop the packet on its own

Answer: B,C

Explanation: + Position in the network flow: Directly inline with the flow of network traffic and every packet goes through the sensor on its way through the network.

+ Mode: Inline mode

+ The IPS can drop the packet on its own because it is inline. The IPS can also request assistance from

another device to block future packets just as the IDS does.

Source: Cisco Official Certification Guide, Table 17-2 IDS Versus IPS, p.461

Q10. In which stage of an attack does the attacker discover devices on a target network?

A. Reconnaissance

B. Covering tracks

C. Gaining access

D. Maintaining access

Answer: A

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