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Q51. A technician is tasked with setting up a workstation in a new location. The technician realizes there is no network connectivity and the workstation’s NIC does not have a link light. Given the connection in the wall is correctly labeled, which of the following would be BEST for the technician to use NEXT?

A. A multimeter

B. A tone generator

C. A cable tester

D. A punchdown tool

Answer: C

Q52. Two drives in a RAID 5 have failed. Which of the following will the technician need to implement?

A. Replace the failed drives and restore the data from backup to the RAID.

B. Replace one of the failed drives and run the RAID repair.

C. Replace the failed drives and format the RAID using the quick option.

D. Replace one of the failed drives and repair the RAID using system utilities.

Answer: A

Q53. A technician is building a new PC and notices that it has 8 DIMM sockets labeled 0 through 7. Four are white and four are blue. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A. Install the memory in the four white slots

B. Install the memory in the four blue slots

C. Consult the motherboard documentation

D. Install the memory in slots 0 through 3

E. Fill all slots with memory

Answer: C

Q54. A user reports that a workstation fails to complete boot up and repeats a series of two beeps over and over. The user states that the workstation had been displaying BSOD

errors after running multiple applications. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. Video adapter failure

B. Memory failure

C. Power supply failure

D. CPU failure

Answer: B

Q55. A new company is thinking of upgrading its media workstation in the conference room. The computer will be predominantly used for graphically intensive presentations, slideshows, and video gaming tournaments. Which of the following BEST satisfies the needs of the company?

A. High-end video, high-end audio, multicore processor

B. Minimum RAM required, network connectivity, high-end cooling

C. Media streaming, file sharing, gigabit NIC, dual monitors, TV tuner

D. Network connectivity, TV tuner, surround sound audio, dual monitors

Answer: A

Q56. A user notices the printer that is used for printing global shipper’s labels is missing columns in the printed labels. The special label stock is new and appears to be fine. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST when troubleshooting this problem?

A. Remove any stuck labels from the paper path

B. Clean the pickup rollers and check them for wear

C. Clean the print head with approved materials

D. Replace and realign the print head

Answer: C

Q57. A user is reporting that a desktop monitor backlighting is very dim. Which of the following should be performed FIRST when troubleshooting the problem?

A. Update drivers

B. Reseat the video card

C. Use OSD tools

D. Replace the monitor

Answer: C

Q58. A user has reported that the company notebook is performing some random mouse actions requiring the user to make a lot of typing corrections. How can the technician solve the issue for the user?

A. Adjust the mouse settings so the mouse moves slower

B. Reverse the buttons on the mouse pad

C. Adjust the mouse settings so the mouse moves faster

D. Use the function keys to disable the mouse pad

Answer: D

Q59. A group of users need to connect directly to a printer with continuous access. Which of the following connection types will achieve this?

A. Serial

B. Ethernet



Answer: B

Q60. A user creates a file in presentation software to be shown on a widescreen display. The user would like to adjust the aspect ratio of the slides in the presentation software so they display without extra black areas on the top, bottom, left, or right of the slides. Which of the following aspect ratios would BEST meet this requirement?

A. 4:3

B. 5:4

C. 16:9

D. 256:135

Answer: C