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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q4. Which NetFlow component is applied to an interface and collects information about flows?

A. flow monitor

B. flow exporter

C. flow sampler

D. flow collector

Answer: A

Q5. The OSPF database of a router shows LSA types 1, 2, 3, and 7 only. Which type of area is this router connected to?

A. stub area

B. totally stubby area

C. backbone area

D. not-so-stubby area

Answer: D

Q6. Refer to the following configuration command.

router(conttg)# ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 80 Which statement about the command is true?

A. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP port address of is translated to 8:80

B. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP address of 172 16 10 8 is redirected to port 8080 or port 80

C. The router accepts only a TCP connection from port 8080 and port 80 on IP address 172 16 10 8

D. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP port address of 172 16 10 8 8080 is translated to 80

Answer: D


Q7. Which statement is a restriction for PPPoE configuration?

A. Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer interface.

B. Multiple PPPoE clients can use the same dialer pool.

C. A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the client.

D. A PPPoE session can be initiated only by the access concentrator.

Answer: C

Q8. In a comparison of an IPv4 header with an IPv6 header, which three statements are true?

(Choose three.)

A. An IPv4 header includes a checksum. However, an IPv6 header does not include one.

B. A router has to recompute the checksum of an IPv6 packet when decrementing the TTL.

C. An IPv6 header is half the size of an IPv4 header.

D. An IPv6 header has twice as many octets as an IPv4 header.

E. An IPv6 header is simpler and more efficient than an IPv4 header.

F. The 128-bit IPv6 address makes the IPv6 header more complicated than an IPv4 header.

Answer: A,D,E


The image below shows the differences between an IPv4 header and an IPv6 header:

(Reference and a good resource, too:

Q9. Which NAT Command to disable dynamic ARP learning on an interface?

A. R(config-if) # ip nat enable

B. R(config-if) # ip nat inside

C. R(config-if)# ip nat outside

D. R(config)# ip nat service

E. R(config)# ip nat allow static host

Answer: E

Q10. Which two reductions are the correct reductions of the IPv6 address 2001:0d02:0000:0000:0014:0000:0000:0095? (Choose two)

A. 2001:0d02:::0014:::0095

B. 2001:d02::14::95

C. 2001:d02:0:0:14::95

D. 2001:d02::14:0:0:95

Answer: C,D


We canu2019t use triple colons (:::) in IPv6 presentation. Also We canu2019t use double colons (::) twice. You can use it only once in any address because if two double colons are placed in the same address, there will be no way to identify the size of each block of 0s. Remember the following techniques to shorten an IPv6 address:

- Omit leading 0s in the address field, so :0000 can be compressed to just :0 and :0d02 can be com-pressed to :d02 (but :1d00 can not be compressed to :1d)

- Use double colons (::), but just once, to represent a contiguous block of 0s, so 2001:0d02:0000:0000:0014:0000:0000:0095 can be compressed to 2001:0d02::14:0:0:95 or 2001:0d02:0:0:14::95

Q11. A network engineer wants to baseline the network to determine suitability for real-time voice applications. Which IP SLA operation is best suited for this task?

A. ICMP-echo

B. ICMP-jitter

C. UDP-connect

D. UDP-jitter

E. TCP-connect

F. UDP-echo

Answer: F

Q12. Which IPV6 address type does RIPng use for next-hop addresses?

A. anycast

B. global

C. multicast

D. site-local

E. link-local

Answer: E

Q13. Which type of information is displayed when a network engineer executes the show track 1 command on the router?

A. information about the IP route track table.

B. time to next poll for track object 1

C. information about tracking list 1

D. tracking information statistics.

Answer: C

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