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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q2. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the command output is true?

A. The router exports flow information to on UDP port 5127.

B. The router receives flow information from on UDP port 5127.

C. The router exports flow information to on TCP port 5127.

D. The router receives flow information from on TCP port 5127.

Answer: A

Q3. In a point-to-multipoint Frame Relay topology, which two methods ensure that all routing updates are received by all EIGRP routers within the Frame Relay network? (Choose Two)

A. Use statically defined EIGRP neighbors on the hub site.

B. Create separate address families.

C. Disable split horizon.

D. Use sub interfaces.

E. Disable EIGRP auto summary.

Answer: A,C

Q4. Which values identifies VPNs in an EVN environment?


B. route target

C. virtual network tag


Answer: C


Q5. What is the function of the snmp-server manager command?

A. to enable the device to send and receive SNMP requests and responses

B. to disable SNMP messages from getting to the SNMP engine

C. to enable the device to send SNMP traps to the SNMP server

D. to configure the SNMP server to store log data

Answer: A

Explanation: The SNMP manager process sends SNMP requests to agents and receives SNMP responses and notifications from agents. When the SNMP manager process is enabled, the router can query other SNMP agents and process incoming SNMP traps. Most network security policies assume that routers will be accepting SNMP requests, sending SNMP responses, and sending SNMP notifications. With the SNMP manager functionality enabled, the router may also be sending SNMP requests, receiving SNMP responses, and receiving SNMP notifications. The security policy implementation may need to be updated prior to enabling this functionality.

SNMP requests are typically sent to UDP port 161. SNMP responses are typically sent from UDP port 161. SNMP notifications are typically sent to UDP port 162.

Q6. Refer to the Exhibit.

All interfaces on each router are participating in the EIGRP 100 process. Interface Loopback 2 on HQ-R2 is currently in shutdown mode. An engineer issues the eigrp stub command on router BR1. Which statements about the query messages sent from router HQ-R2 for a route to reach the network is true?

A. Router HQ-R2 sends a query message to the feasible successor for a route to network.

B. BR1 receives query messages from HQ-R2 for a route to network.

C. Router HQ-R1 receives query messages from HQ-R2 for a route to network.

D. Router HQ-R1 and BR1 receives query messages from HQ-R2 for a route to 12.12.12/32 network.

Answer: D

Q7. Which two addresses types are included in NAT?

A. inside global

B. global outside

C. outside internet

D. inside internet

E. outside local

Answer: A,E

Q8. When a packet is denied by an IPv6 traffic filter, which additional action does the device perform?

A. It scans the rest of the ACL for a permit entry matching the destination.

B. It generates a TCP Fin bit and sends it to the source.

C. A creates a null route for the destination and adds it to the route table.

D. It generates an ICMP unreachable message for the frame.

Answer: D

Q9. Which two BGP neighbor states are valid? (Choose Two)

A. established

B. active

C. stuck in active

D. 2-WAY

E. unknown


Answer: A,B

Q10. Which command configures a PPPoE client and specifies dial-on-demand routing functionality?

A. pppoe-client dial-pool-number

B. PPPoE enable.

C. interface dialer 1

D. encapsulation PPP

Answer: A

Q11. Which two protocols can be affected by MPP? (Choose two)






Answer: C,E

Explanation: Following are the management protocols that the MPP feature supports. These management protocols are also the only protocols affected when MPP is enabled.

u2022 Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)




u2022, v1 and v2

u2022, all versions



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