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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Q6. OSPF stub areas are an important tool for the Network designer; which of the following two should be considered when utilizing OSPF stub areas? (Choose two)

A. OSPF stub areas increase the size of the LSDB with the addition of Type 3 and 5 LSAs

B. OSPF not so stubby areas are particularly useful as a simpler form of summarization

C. OSPF stub areas are always insulated from external changes

D. OSPF totally stubby areas cannot distinguish among ABRs for the best route to destinations outside the area

E. OSPF stub areas can distinguish among ASBRs for destinations that are external to the OSPF domain

Answer: C,D

Q7. In which OSI layer does IS-IS operate?

A. Layer 1

B. Layer 2

C. Layer 3

D. Layer 4

Answer: B


Yeah, it can advertise layer 3 IPv4 & v6 routes but it operates at L2. (that's why Fabricpath is based on IS-IS)

Q8. Which VRF component ensures control plane separation between the different Layer 3 VPNs?


B. routing protocol instance


D. a subset of the router interfaces

Answer: B

Q9. Which of the following is a recommended practice of a data center core?

A. Server-to-server traffic always remains in the core layer.

B. The core infrastructure should be in Layer 3.

C. Core layer should run BGP along with an IGP because iBGP has a lower administrative distance than any IGP

D. The Cisco Express Forwarding hashing algorithm is the default, based on the IP address and Layer 4 port

Answer: B

Q10. An engineer have to design a multicast domain for some application. This multicast network should be secured. Which option should he take ?

A. ASM with an addressing of

B. ASM with an addressing of

C. SSM with an addressing of

D. SSM with an addressing of

Answer: D

Q11. Which two features provide resiliency in a data center? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco FabricPath


C. encryption

D. vPC


Answer: A,D

Q12. An engineer chose to design an architecture where distribution switches are in VSS and are connected to

access switches using Multichassis Etherchannel. What is the resulting topology?

A. Looped

B. Ring

C. Hybrid

D. Star

Answer: D

Q13. Which two design recommendations are most appropriate when EIGRP is the data center core routing protocol? (Choose two.)

A. Summarize data center subnets.

B. Use passive interfaces to ensure appropriate adjacencies.

C. Tune the EIGRP timers to enable EIGRP to achieve quicker convergence.

D. Adjust the default bandwidth value to ensure proper bandwidth on all links.

E. Advertise a default summary route into the data center core from the aggregation layer.

Answer: A,B


"Here are some recommendations on EIGRP design for the data center core layer:

u2022 Advertise a default summary route into the data center access layer with the ip summary- address eigrp interface command on the aggregation layer.

u2022 If other default routes exist in the network, such as from the Internet edge, you might need to filter them using distribute lists.

u2022 Summarize the data center access layer subnets with the ip summary-address eigrp interface command from the aggregation layer.

u2022 Use the passive-interface default command, and advertise only on the links that need to participate in the routing process using the no passive-interface interface command."

Q14. What is an advantage of using the vPC feature in a data center environment?

A. VSS is a requirement.

B. Multiple instances of control plane are formed.

C. The control plane and management plane remain separate.

D. Cisco FabricPath technology does not have to be configured.

Answer: C

Q15. For which engine an IPS can use its reputation awareness? (Choose two)

A. Reputation filtering

B. Reputation subscriptions

C. Correlation rules

D. Global correlation inspection

Answer: A,C

Explanation: config-guide-v60/Correlation_Policies.html

Correlation rules -> Connection Tracker -> URL Reputation

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