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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 16 - Question 24)

Question No: 16

here are 3 steps to confirm whether a range of IP addresses can be summarized. Which of the following is used in each of these 3 steps?

A. The first number in the contiguous block of addresses

B. The last number in the contiguous block of addresses

C. The size of the contiguous block of addresses

D. The subnet mask of the original network address

Answer: C

Question No: 17

A company's virtualization team wants to transfer control of network switching and policy management for VMware virtual servers to the networking team. What Cisco network virtualization solution should be implemented?

A. Unified Computing System

B. Nexus distributed virtual switch

C. virtual network agent

D. Nexus unified fabric switch

Answer: B

Explanation: Nexus 1000v

Question No: 18

Which three options are features of IP SLAs? (Choose three.)

A. enables verification of service guarantees

B. dynamically adjusts QoS parameters

C. validates network performance and metrics

D. initiates failover for saturated links

E. proactively identifies network related issues

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 19

Refer to the exhibit.

The Cisco Nexus 1000V in the VMware vSphere solution effectively creates an additional access layer in the virtualized data center network; which of the following 1000V characteristics can thedesigner take advantage of?

A. Offloads the STP requirement from the external Access layer switches

B. If upstream access switches do not support vPC or VSS the dual-homed ESX host traffic can still be distributed using virtual port channel host mode using subgroups automatically discovered through CDP

C. Allows transit traffic to be forwarded through the ESX host between VMNICs

D. Can be divided into multiple virtual device contexts for service integration, enhanced security, administrative boundaries, and flexibility of deployment

Answer: B


"Virtual Port Channel Host Mode Virtual Port Channel Host Mode (vPC-HM), shown in Figure 5-33 , allows a port channel from the Cisco Nexus 1000V to be terminated on two separate upstream switches, even if these switches do not support a clustering technology, such as vPC or VSS."

Question No: 20

Port security supports which type of port?

A. SPAN destination port

B. EtherChannel port-channel port

C. Nonnegotiating trunk port

D. DTP-enabled trunk port

Answer: C

Question No: 21

What are two advantages of a L2 looped data center design model? (Choose two.)

A. promotes Layer 2 high availability

B. prevents VLAN propagation

C. allows sharing of service modules

D. eliminates the use of STP

E. improves data transfer speeds

Answer: A,C

Question No: 22

Which option is a benefit of site-to-site VPNs?

A. Less configuration required than a WAN circuit

B. More secure than a dedicated WAN circuit

C. Less expensive than a dedicated WAN circuit

D. More reliable than a dedicated WAN circuit

Answer: C

Question No: 23

A network designer wants to improve security at the edge of the network and allow routing protocols to communicate without any additional configuration. What firewall mode meets the design requirements?

A. routed

B. zoned

C. context

D. transparent

Answer: D

Question No: 24

Which option provides software modularity in Cisco NX-OS software in the data center design?

A. The ip routing command enables all of the features in the Cisco NX-OS.

B. All of the features are enabled by default in the Cisco NX-OS.

C. Individual features must be manually enabled to start the process.

D. The Cisco NX-OS has a management VRF that is enabled by default.

Answer: C

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