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New Avaya 6210 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q1. Which core Contact Center component manages functions such as the logic for call processing, call treatment, call handling, call presentation and the accumulation of data into historical and real-time databases?

A. Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA)

B. Communication Control Toolkit (CCT)

C. Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS)

D. Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM)

Answer: C

Q2. Which utility is used to status and manage the services in Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS), Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA), Communication Control Toolkit (CCT), Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM), and License Manager (LM)?

A. Contact Center System Framework and Monitor Utility

B. Contact Center System Event and Monitor Utility

C. Contact Center System Control and Monitor Utility

D. Contact Center System License and Monitor Utility

Answer: A

Q3. Which three Mission Critical High Availability (HA) solutions does Contact Center Release 7 support? (Choose three.)

A. Mission Critical HA with or without AvayaAurau00ae platform resiliency

B. Mission Critical HA with Midsize Enterprise (ME)

C. Mission Critical HA with AvayaAurau00ae Unified CommunicationsVirtualized Environment

D. Mission Critical HA with Midsize Business Template

Answer: B,C,D

Q4. Which two statements about the License Manager (LM) Configuration utility are true? (Choose two.)

A. The License Manager Configuration utility can be used to download the license file from the Avaya license website.

B. License Manager supports a WebLM License File and the Avaya WebLM Server on a virtualmachine.

C. The License Manager provides central control and administration of application licensing for all features of the Contact Center.

D. The license file on the server can be edited where License Manager is installed.

Answer: B,C

Q5. Avaya Aurau00ae Application Enablement Services (AES) is a set of enhanced telephony APIs, protocols, and Web services available to developers. The interface between the Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) and AES is Mutual TLS.

Which three statements regarding the AES and AACC are true? (Choose three.)

A. If you are using Web Services security on Contact Center, you cannot use the default certificates and must use the certificates in the Contact Center Certificate Store.

B. AES 7.0 includes the default Contact Center root certificate.

C. The Contact Center CTI Proxy points to the AES IP Address, port 4723, Transport TLS.

D. AES 7.0 does not include the default Contact Center rootcertificate. To use the default root certificate with AES 7.0, you must import it into AES.

Answer: A,B,C

Q6. A customer has Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) and Avaya Aurau00ae Unified Communications Platform Integration.

For the Avaya Aurau00ae Session Manager (ASM) to direct incoming voice contacts to the AACC, as part of the ASM and AACC configuration, which two items are configured in ASM? (Choose two.)

A. Enable TLS encryption for Hosts.

B. Install a Signed Certificate from a Trusted Host.

C. Add theAvaya Aurau00ae Contact Center as a Trusted Host.

D. Add a Routing Policy forthe AACC.

Answer: B,C

Q7. Avaya Agent Desktop (AAD) is installed on the agent PCs, and the customer wants you to enable the licensed Web Based Statistics feature.

After configuring the hostname and port for Web Based Statistics, where do you enable the Web Based Statistics feature?

A. From CCMA > Launchpad > Multimedia > Agent Desktop Configuration > General Settings > Web Statistics

B. From Windows > Apps > Multimedia Dashboard > Web Statistics

C. From CCMA > Launchpad > Configuration > Agent Desktop Configuration > Web Statistics

D. From Windows > Administrative Tools > Services > Web Statistics

Answer: C

Q8. You will need to configure Internet Explorer (IE) options to access Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) components such as Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA).

Which three statements regarding the configuration of Internet Explorer are true? (Choose three.)

A. CCMA supports the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

B. You must run Internet Explorer in compatibility mode for CCMA and Communication Control Toolkit (CCT).

C. CCMA supports only the 32-bit version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

D. Install Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or 11.0.

Answer: A,B,D

Q9. After a successful installation of Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center, Avaya releases a patch for this particular site that is required to fix a problem reported for the CCMS. Currently, the service pack AvayaCC_CCMS_7. is installed under CCMS and no roll-up patches have been installed yet.

What is a valid name for the site specific patch?

A. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

B. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

C. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

D. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

Answer: D

Q10. A systems engineer has just completed a database maintenance backup. The engineer would like to verify the success of the backup.

In which default location should the engineer look to determine the success of the backup?

A. C:\\Contact Center\\Logs\\Common Components\\DBMaintenance.log

B. D:\\Logs\\Common Components\\DBMaintenance.log

C. D:\\Avaya Aura\\Contact Center\\Logs\\CommonComponents\\CC_DBMaintenance.log

D. D:\\Avaya\\Logs\\Common Components\\CC_DBMaintenance

Answer: B

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