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Q41. - (Topic 4) 

You are preparing for the deployment of an ASP.NET MVC application. You need to generate a deployment manifest. 

Which command-line tool should you use? 

A. Mage.exe 

B. Ngen.exe 

C. ALexe 

D. Resgen.exe 


Explanation: Al.exe generates a file with an assembly manifest from one or more files that are either resource files or Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) files. 

Q42. DRAG DROP - (Topic 4) 

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that authenticates a user by using claims-based authentication. 

The application must: 

. Use Windows Identity Foundation 4.5. 

. Support the Windows Azure Access Control Service. You need to implement authentication. 

You have the following code: 

Which code segments should you include in Target 1, Target 2, Target 3 and Target 4 to build the class constructor? To answer, drag the appropriate code segment to the correct targets in the answer area. Each code segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. 


Q43. - (Topic 2) 

You need to implement client-side animations according to the business requirements. 

Which line of code should you use? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.) 

A. $ ("h1: first") .animate ({ opacity: 0 }); 

B. $("h1:first").fadeIn(1000); 

C. $("h1:first").animate({ opacity: 1 }); 

D. $("h1:first").fadeOut(1000); 

Answer: A,D 

Topic 3, Video Transcoding Service 


You are developing a video transcoding service. This service is used by customers to upload video files, convert video to other formats, and view the converted files. This service is used by customers all over the world. 

Business Requirements 

The user-facing portion of the application is an ASP.NET MVC application. It provides an interface for administrators to upload video and schedule transcoding. It also enables administrators and users to download the transcoded videos. 

When videos are uploaded, they are populated with metadata used to identify the video. The video metadata is gathered by only one system when the video upload is complete. 

Customers require support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later. 

The application contains a header that is visible on every page. 

If the logged-on user is an administrator, then the header will contain links to administrative functions. This information is read from a cookie that is set on the server. The administrative links must not be present if an error condition is present. 

Technical Requirements 

User Experience: 

The front-end web application enables a user to view a list of videos. 

The main view of the application is the web page that displays the list of videos. 

HTML elements other than the list of videos are changed with every request 

requiring the page to reload. 


Some customers use browsers that do not support the HTTP DELETE verb. 

These browsers send a POST request with an HTTP header of X-Delete when the intended action is to delete. 


The video transcoding occurs on a set of Windows Azure worker roles. The transcoding is performed by a third-party command line tool named transcode.exe. When the tool is installed, an Environment variable named transcode contains the path to the utility. A variable named license contains the license key. The license for the transcoding utility requires that it be unregistered when it is not in use. The transcoding utility requires a significant amount of resources. A maximum of 10 instances of the utility can be running at any one time. If an instance of the role cannot process an additional video, it must not prevent any other roles from processing that video. 

. The utility logs errors to a Logs directory under the utilities path. 

. A local Azure directory resource named perf is used to capture performance data. 


. Developers must use Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to view errors generated by the transcode.exe utility. 

. An x509 certificate has been created and distributed to the developers for this purpose. 

. Developers must be able to use only RDP and not any other administrative functions. 

Application Structure 

Q44. - (Topic 1) 

You need to display the "miles" unit description after the distance in the GetLog view. 

Which line of code should you use to replace line GL21? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.) 

A. @log.Distance miles 

B. @Htrml.DisplayFor(model => log.Distance) miles 

C. @log.Distance.ToString() @Html.TextArea("miles") 

D. @Html.DisplayFor(model => log.Distance.ToString() + " miles") 

Answer: A,B 

Q45. - (Topic 3) 

You are creating a new authentication system that uses an HTTP header value. 

The existing authentication system must continue to operate normally. 

You need to implement the custom authentication. 

What should you do? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that 


A. Create a class derived from ActionResult and check for a valid HTTP header value in the ExecuteResult method. Change all actions to return this new class. 

B. Create an HttpHandler to check for a valid HTTP header value in the ProcessRequest method. 

C. Create an HttpModule and check for a valid HTTP header value in the AuthenticateRequest event. 

D. Create a class derived from AuthorizeAttribute and check for a valid HTTP header value in the AuthorizeCore method. Change usages of the existing AuthorizeAttribute to use the new class. 

Answer: C,D 

Q46. - (Topic 4) 

You are designing a distributed application that runs on the Microsoft Azure platform. 

The application must store a small amount of insecure global information for all users that 

does not change frequently. 

You need to configure the application to meet the requirements. 

Which server-side state management option should you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. profile properties of the Microsoft Azure application 

B. Microsoft Azure session state 

C. SQL Database 

D. Microsoft Azure application state 


Explanation: In many applications, you want to store and use information that is unique to a user. When a user visits your site, you can use the information you have stored to present the user with a personalized version of your Web application. Personalizing an application requires a number of elements: you must store the information using a unique user identifier, be able to recognize users when they visit again, and then fetch the user information as needed. To simplify your applications, you can use the ASP.NET profile feature, which can perform all of these tasks for you. 

Q47. - (Topic 2) 

You updated the web.config file with the HTTP run-time value required to display an alternative version of the site. 

You need to ensure that the correct page displays to the users. 

Which code segment should you use to update the controller? 

A. If (Request.IsTabletDevice) 

B. If (Request.Browser.IsBrowser("Mobile")) 

C. If (Request.UserAgent["Tablet"]) 

D. If (Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice) 


Q48. - (Topic 2) 

You need to update the routes to ensure that a product is always displayed on the product page. 

Which code segment should you use? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q49. - (Topic 1) 

You need to make all of the rows in the table bold in the Views/RunLog/GetLog.cshtml view. 

Which code segment should you use? 

A. Table > th:last-child { font-weight: bold; } 

B. Table+first-child{ font-weight: bold; } 

C. Table>tr>th:nth-child{2){font-weight: bold; } 

D. Table > tr {font-weight: bold;} 


Q50. HOTSPOT - (Topic 3) 

The designer for the website gave you the following image as the design for the page. 

The normal color for the tab is *2da4c2, and the color when the mouse is over the tab is #ffd800. 

The HTML that implements the navigation tab is as follows. 

You need to implement the design. 

What should you do? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)