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The Mass Delete tool can be used on any object

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B

The mass delete tool will only work with standard objects: Accounts, Leads, Activities, Contacts, Cases, Solutions and Products

How can you measure adoption beyond the number of logins?


    Explanation: 1- Track how often users are using new features after training sessions.
    2- Run spot checks on data, track usage with regards to the financial calendar (last minute entries versus consistent usage).
    3- Track training sessions in SFDC.

    Ideas can be used in the self service portal.

    • A. True
    • B. False

    Answer: B

    Only customer and partner portals can use ideas.

    When add Time Trigger button is disabled {OR When we cannot add Time Trigger in Workflow)?
    Choose 3

    • A. Every time Record is create d or updated
    • B. When Workflow is Active
    • C. When Workflow is Inactive
    • D. When workflow is Inactive but there is pending action in Queue

    Answer: AD

    When should you use Apex? Select all that apply:

    • A. Adding visual elements to the UI
    • B. Attaching business logic to a data event (insert, update, delete)
    • C. Augment behavior that applies when accessing data through the UI
    • D. Have logic that executes regardless of where the event originates (UI/S- Control/Web services API)
    • E. Want to process multiple records at the same time
    • F. Use classes when coding Apex that will he used by other developers.

    Answer: BDEF

    What are the three types of S-Controls?

    • A. HTML, Component, Controller
    • B. A J AX, Component, Controller
    • C. HTML, Snippet, URL
    • D. AJAX, Snippet, URL

    Answer: C

    What is the difference between locking an opportunity using approvals versus changing the record type to a page layout with all read only fields?


      Explanation: The oppty becomes "locked" and the lock symbol appears on the oppty and the edit button is disabled.
      Record Type:
      The record is read only, but no visual clue as to whether or not anything else is going on ( ie approval process)

      What is the reason you should do discovery in your data management process?


        Explanation: You need to analyze the data to find out what information needs to be cleansed and how the data is to be structured.This helps to define the reports and dashboards that will support the business processes you seekto manage.

        NEW QUESTION 9
        Who can publish the article on Knowledge?

        • A. User with "Manage Article" and CRUD on Article Type
        • B. User with Archive Articles in public Group

        Answer: A

        NEW QUESTION 10
        Actions to existing steps can be added to an active approval process?

        • A. True
        • B. False

        Answer: A

        Explanation: Explanation/Reference: Actions can be added to the existing steps of active approval processes False

        NEW QUESTION 11
        What tools are available to help troubleshoot issues with an approval process? (Select all that apply)

        • A. Approval History related list
        • B. Visual force Pages
        • C. Sales force email logs
        • D. Apex triggers

        Answer: AC

        NEW QUESTION 12
        How can you measure adoptions beyond just logins? Choose 3 answer.

        • A. Decrease Login Session Timeouts
        • B. Track how often users are using new features after training sessions,
        • C. Run spot checks on Data
        • D. Track training sessions in SFDC

        Answer: BCD

        NEW QUESTION 13
        What are2 the ways that Visual pages can be incorporated into the rest of your user interface?


          Explanation: 1- Tabs2. Embedded into page layouts

          NEW QUESTION 14
          All applications downloaded from the App Exchange can be modified once loaded into an org.

          • A. True
          • B. False

          Answer: B

          Only unmanaged packages downloaded from the App Exchange can be modified. Managed packages are unable to be edited or customized.

          NEW QUESTION 15
          Which are the four pillars of Sales force success? Select all that apply:

          • A. Apps
          • B. Platform
          • C. Marketing Clout
          • D. Community
          • E. App exchange

          Answer: ABDE

          NEW QUESTION 16
          On Sales force console if a user want to see more fields in Parent object mini layout while
          viewing Child Detail Page.

          • A. Change Mini Page Layout
          • B. Change Page Layout
          • C. Change Console Layout
          • D. Change Mini Console layout

          Answer: A

          NEW QUESTION 17
          Where you can see the SFDC release information? Choose 3

          • A. App Exchange
          • B. Idea Exchange
          • C. Success
          • D.

          Answer: BCD

          NEW QUESTION 18
          All editions of sales force can use the data loader

          • A. True
          • B. False

          Answer: B

          Only UE, EE and DE Orgs can use the data loader

          NEW QUESTION 19
          Where is additional information about the Excel-Connector available?

          • A.
          • B.
          • C. Help & Training
          • D. Ideas Exchange

          Answer: A

          NEW QUESTION 20
          Which are examples of dirty data?

          • A. Duplicate Records
          • B. Spelling/punctuation mistakes
          • C. Incomplete records
          • D. Free text spelling errors
          • E. All of the above

          Answer: E

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