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Online ADM-211 free questions and answers of New Version:

Choose the correct Answer
S-Controls are the (code that can execute) for various (objects that fire events)in the system, such as standard or custom buttons, custom links, inline s- controls, and web tabs.

  • A. Hooks, Targets
  • B. Targets, Hooks
  • C. HTML, Snippets
  • D. Snippets, HTML

Answer: B

Once activities are archived, where is the only place you can access them?

  • A. You can't access them
  • B. Activity History- View AH
  • C. Recycle Bin
  • D. Activity Reports
  • E. Archiving of activities does not affect visibility

Answer: B

List the "clicks" and "code" options at the 'User Interface 'level.


    Explanation: Clicks: Apps, Tabs, Page Layouts, Record Types. Code: S-Controls, Web Controls, Visual force

    Define User Adoption


      Explanation: User adoption means gaining the trust of users to use the system on a regular basis as intended.
      They will feel that they want to use the system instead of being forced to use it.

      What can the Schema Extract Tool provide the administrator prior to loading data into Sales force?
      Select all that apply:

      • A. All fields on a given object
      • B. Field data types
      • C. Location of data on the storage pod
      • D. Determine order of data load
      • E. Number of records containing data per field

      Answer: ABD

      Which of the following is not a characteristic of web applications or web controls?

      • A. Runs on a customer-hosted web server
      • B. Runs on SFDC web server
      • C. Has a custom VI (gcncrallyASP.NET or JSP),
      • D. Uses the API to read or modify SFDC data,
      • E. Are generally used for highly customized UI or business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated bys-controls.

      Answer: B

      Delegated Groups Detail can define which of the following EXCEPT:

      • A. Delegated Administrators
      • B. User Administration (Roles)
      • C. User Administration (Roles and Subordinates)
      • D. Profiles
      • E. Custom Object Administration

      Answer: B

      Which permission must a user have to trace in real-time using the system log?

      • A. "View All Data" permission
      • B. "Manage Users" permission
      • C. Manage Call Center" permission
      • D. "View Encrypted Data" permission

      Answer: A

      What are some URI-s to stay current with what's happening with SFDC?


        Explanation: 1- Trust, sales
        2- SFDC community
        3- Idea Exchange
        4- Release overview pages
        5- Feature detail pages
        6- Detailed release notes
        7- Admin preview doc
        8- Discover button in app
        9- Official SFDC blog

        NEW QUESTION 10
        Describe what Delegated Administrators CAN do:


          Explanation: 1- Create and edit users
          2- Reset passwords
          3- Create default sales teams
          4- Create personal groups for users
          5- Assign users to profiles
          6- Login as a user who has granted login access

          NEW QUESTION 11
          Where do I add IP addresses to the trusted set?

          • A. Setup| Administration Setup |Security Controls| Network Access
          • B. Setup| Administration Setup |Company Information
          • C. Setup |Administration Setup |Users | Profiles
          • D. Setup| Company Information

          Answer: A

          NEW QUESTION 12
          What is true about Custom Button? Choose 2

          • A. It is displayed on right side of standard button
          • B. It is displayed on top or page layout
          • C. It is displayed on top and bottom of page layout
          • D. It is displayed on left side of standard button

          Answer: AC

          NEW QUESTION 13
          Which statement is FALSE regarding Visual force?

          • A. It allows developers to replace the standard page layouts within the Sales force use r interface with completely customer pages.
          • B. It uses Apex for advanced business logic.
          • C. It is available to users of all editions.
          • D. It is available to users of Enterpris
          • E. Unlimited, and Developer Edition s Only.

          Answer: D

          NEW QUESTION 14
          Which of the following functions may be use to optimize the size of a Formula field? Choose 2 answers

          • A. ISPICKVAL function
          • B. Case function
          • C. Contains function
          • D. ISNUMBER function

          Answer: BC

          NEW QUESTION 15
          What is possible using Content? Choose 3

          • A. Publish content to com pany's website
          • B. Track Recipient activity
          • C. Share content using link with outside your company
          • D. Share content inside your organization

          Answer: BCD

          NEW QUESTION 16
          How many letters do you have to enter for the auto-complete to work?

          • A. l
          • B. 2
          • C. 3
          • D. 4

          Answer: A

          Auto complete will begin to auto prompt on the first keystroke.

          NEW QUESTION 17
          An administrator would like to compare a field or expression to a list of static values. Which of the following functions should be used?

          • A. ISNUMBER
          • B. CONTAINS
          • C. TRIM
          • D. VALUE

          Answer: B

          NEW QUESTION 18
          Which is NOT an option for customizing Sales force Community?

          • A. Half-Life
          • B. Categories
          • C. Customized page layouts
          • D. Customized s earch layouts.

          Answer: C

          NEW QUESTION 19
          CORRECT TEXT
          Where are custom buttons NOT available?


            Explanation: 1- Web to Lead
            2- Web to Case
            3- User Object

            NEW QUESTION 20
            The Web Service API can help an administrator manage data in a Sales force org by....
            Choose 3 Answers

            • A. allowing the administrator to mass delete more than 250 records at a time
            • B. allowing an administrator to perform mass updates to records to clean up duplicate data
            • C. giving the administrator a way to perform incremental backups of the data with the APIs data replication method
            • D. allows an administrator to mark certain records stored in Sales force

            Answer: ABC

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