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Q21. How are viewscreated in Cloudant? 

A. by creating a PrimaryIndex withdoc id’s 

B. by creating a Secondary Index with doc id’s 

C. by creating a Primary Index using the Map function 

D. by creating a Secondary Index using the Map function 


Q22. What are the two key elements defined in an Organization inIBMBluemix PaaS?(Select two.) 

A. Cities 

B. Users 

C. Routers 

D. Spaces E Regions 

Answer: B,D 


Organizations and spaces are organizational units in the infrastructure that can store and track application resources. An organization contains domains, spaces, and users. A space contains applications and services. The default spaces are Development, Production, and Staging. 


Q23. Which statement is correct regarding the capabilities available on the Run Query tab shown in the image of the SQL DatabaseServiceweb console to manage instances in IBM Bluemix PaaS? 

A. OnlySQL SELECTstatements are allowed. 

B. The queries can only be generated through a wizard. 

C. Queries can use JSON documents as SQL command arguments. 

D. A maximum of 500 rows of data can be returned from each query. 


Q24. If you have an instance of myApp with 1GB of memory and 1GB of disk running on Bluemix PaaS, what is the result of the commandcf scale myApp –k 2G? 

A. scalingthe myApp vertically by increasing the memory to 2GB 

B. scalingthe myApp vertically by increasing the memory to 3 GB 

C. scalingthe myApp vertically by increasing the size of the disk to 2GB 

D. scalingthe myApp vertically by increasing the size of the disk to 3 GB 


Q25. When a Node.js application is configured for IBM Bluemix Live Sync Debug mode, opening the url https://<app-host>.mybluemix.net/bluemix-debug/manage shows: 

What will occur when the Restart button is selected? 

A. Redeploy and restart the application. 

B. Restart without redeploying application. 

C. Restart the managed services and not the application. 

D. Recycle the application memory and jump to the current breakpoint. 


Q26. After selecting All Documents in a Cloudant database using the Cloudant Dashboard, what is the result of selecting Include Docs in the Query Options and clicking Query as shown in the image? 

A. A search index would be created for all the documents to make the query run faster. 

B. All fields from each document will be shown in the display. 

C. An error indicating an illegal operation is displayed because this option cannot be used unless a key range is specified. 

D. The summary is replaced with a link to download the entire contents of all documents. 


Q27. Where are objects such as images, audio and video files stored inIBM Object Storage? 

A. Group 

B. Folder 

C. Bucket 

D. Container 




Q28. According to this application Overview panel image, how is the memory quota (measured in MB) applied to the two instances? 

A. each instance gets 512 MB of memory 

B. each instance shares the available memory 

C. the instance that receives the most traffic gets the most memory 

D. the instance will divide the memory quota evenly, each receiving 256 MB of memory