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Q211. According to best practice, which of the following groups is the MOST effective in performing an information security compliance audit? 

A. In-house security administrators 

B. In-house Network Team 

C. Disaster Recovery (DR) Team 

D. External consultants 


Q212. What is the process called when impact values are objectives for information types? 

A. Qualitative analysis 

B. Quantitative analysis 

C. Remediation 

D. System security categorization 


Q213. Why is a system's criticality classification important in large organizations? 

A. It provides for proper prioritization and scheduling of security and maintenance tasks. 

B. It reduces critical system support workload and reduces the time required to apply patches. 

C. It allows for clear systems status communications to executive management. 

D. It provides for easier determination of ownership, reducing confusion as to the status of the asset. 


Q214. Logical access control programs are MOST effective when they are 

A. approved by external auditors. 

B. combined with security token technology. 

C. maintained by computer security officers. 

D. made part of the operating system. 


Q215. With data labeling, which of the following MUST be the key decision maker? 

A. Information security 

B. Departmental management 

C. Data custodian 

D. Data owner 


Q216. Which of the following is an essential step before performing Structured Query Language (SQL) penetration tests on a production system? 

A. Verify countermeasures have been deactivated. 

B. Ensure firewall logging has been activated. 

C. Validate target systems have been backed up. 

D. Confirm warm site is ready to accept connections. 


Q217. When implementing a secure wireless network, which of the following supports authentication and authorization for individual client endpoints? 

A. Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) 

B. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Pre-Shared Key (PSK) 

C. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) Enterprise 

D. Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (CCMP) 


Q218. the information below to answer the question. 

A security practitioner detects client-based attacks on the organization’s network. A plan will be necessary to address these concerns. 

What MUST the plan include in order to reduce client-side exploitation? 

A. Approved web browsers 

B. Network firewall procedures 

C. Proxy configuration 

D. Employee education 



Place the following information classification steps in.sequential order. 


Q220. A vulnerability test on an Information System (IS) is conducted to 

A. exploit security weaknesses in the IS. 

B. measure system performance on systems with weak security controls. 

C. evaluate the effectiveness of security controls. 

D. prepare for Disaster Recovery (DR) planning.