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New Fortinet NSE4-5.4 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q3. An administrator has configured a route-based IPsec VPN between two FortiGates. Which statement about this IPsec VPN configuration is true?

A. A phase 2 configuration is not required.

B. This VPN cannot be used as part of a hub and spoke topology.

C. The IPsec firewall policies must be placed at the top of the list.

D. A virtual IPsec interface is automatically created after the phase 1 configuration is completed.

Answer: D

Q4. Which traffic inspection features can be executed by a security processor (SP)? (Choose three.)

A. TCP SYN proxy

B. SIP session helper

C. Proxy-based antivirus

D. Attack signature matching

E. Flow-based web filtering

Answer: C,D,E

Q5. Which statements about One-to-One IP pool are true? (Choose two.)

A. It allows configuration of ARP replies.

B. It allows fixed mapping of an internal address range to an external address range.

C. It is used for destination NAT.

D. It does not use port address translation.

Answer: B,D

Q6. A FortiGate is operating in NAT/Route mode and configured with two virtual LAN (VLAN) sub-interfaces added to the same physical interface.

Which statement about the VLAN IDs in this scenario is true?

A. The two VLAN sub-interfaces can have the same VLAN ID only if they belong to different VDOMs.

B. The two VLAN sub-interfaces must have different VLAN IDs.

C. The two VLAN sub-interfaces can have the same VLAN ID only if they have IP addresses in the same subnet.

D. The two VLAN sub-interfaces can have the same VLAN ID only if they have IP addresses in different subnets.

Answer: C

Q7. A client workstation is connected to FortiGate port2. The Fortigate port1 is connected to an ISP router. Port2 and port3 are both configured as a software switch.

What IP address must be configured in the workstation as the default gateway?

A. The port2u2019s IP address.

B. The routeru2019s IP address.

C. The FortiGateu2019s management IP address.

D. The software switch interfaceu2019s IP address.

Answer: A

Q8. An administrator needs to offload logging to FortiAnalyzer from a FortiGate with an internal hard drive. Which statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Logs must be stored on FortiGate first, before transmitting to FortiAnalyzer

B. FortiGate uses port 8080 for log transmission

C. Log messages are transmitted as plain text in LZ4 compressed format (store-and-upload method).

D. FortiGate can encrypt communications using SSL encrypted OFTP traffic.

Answer: A,C

Q9. Which statements about the output are correct? (Choose two.)

A. FortiGate received a TCP SYN/ACK packet.

B. The source IP address of the packet was translated to

C. FortiGate routed the packet through port 3.

D. The packet was allowed by the firewall policy with the ID 00007fc0.

Answer: B,C

Q10. Which of the following settings and protocols can be used to provide secure and restrictive administrative access to FortiGate? (Choose three.)

A. Trusted host


C. Trusted authentication


E. FortiTelemetry

Answer: A,B,D

Q11. Which statements best describe auto discovery VPN (ADVPN). (Choose two.)

A. It requires the use of dynamic routing protocols so that spokes can learn the routes to other spokes.

B. ADVPN is only supported with IKEv2.

C. Tunnels are negotiated dynamically between spokes.

D. Every spoke requires a static tunnel to be configured to other spokes so that phase 1 and phase 2 proposals are defined in advance.

Answer: A,C

Q12. View the example routing table.

Which route will be selected when trying to reach

A. [10/0] via, port2

B. The traffic will be dropped because it cannot be routed.

C. [10/0] via, port3

D. [10/0] via, port1

Answer: C

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