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New CompTIA SY0-401 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Question No: 5

A corporate wireless guest network uses an open SSID with a captive portal to authenticate guest users. Guests can obtain their portal password at the service desk. A security consultant alerts the administrator that the captive portal is easily bypassed, as long as one other wireless guest user is on the network. Which of the following attacks did the security consultant use?

A. ARP poisoning

B. DNS cache poisoning

C. MAC spoofing

D. Rouge DHCP server

Answer: C

Question No: 6

An attacker Joe configures his service identifier to be as an access point advertised on a billboard. Joe then conducts a denial of service attack against the legitimate AP causing users to drop their connections and then reconnect to Joeu2019s system with the same SSID. Which of the following BEST describes this of attack?

A. Bluejacking

B. WPS attack

C. Evil twin

D. War driving

E. Replay attack

Answer: C

Question No: 7

A server administrator needs to administer a server remotely using RDP, but the specified port is closed on the outbound firewall on the network. The access the server using RDP on a port other than the typical registered port for the RDP protocol?





Answer: A

Question No: 8

After receiving the hard drive from detectives, the forensic analyst for a court case used a log to capture corresponding events prior to sending the evidence to lawyers. Which of the following do these actions demonstrate?

A. Chain of custody

B. Order if volatility

C. Data analysis

D. Tracking man hours and expenses

Answer: A

Question No: 9

A local hospital with a large four-acre campus wants to implement a wireless network so that doctors can use tablets to access patientsu2019 medical data. The hospital also wants to provide guest access to the internet for hospital patients and visitors in select areas. Which of the following areas should be addressed FIRST?

A. MAC filters

B. Site Survey

C. Power level controls

D. Antenna types

Answer: B

Question No: 10

Joe an end user has received a virus detection warning. Which of the following is the first course of action that should be taken?

A. Recovery

B. Reporting

C. Remediation

D. Identification

Answer: B

Question No: 11

An attacker captures the encrypted communication between two parties for a week, but is unable to decrypt the messages. The attacker then compromises the session key during one exchange and successfully compromises a single message. The attacker plans to use this key to decrypt previously captured and future communications, but is unable to. This is because the encryption scheme in use adheres to:

A. Asymmetric encryption

B. Out-of-band key exchange

C. Perfect forward secrecy

D. Secure key escrow

Answer: A

Question No: 12

A system adminitrator is configuring a site-to-site VPN tunnel. Which of the following should be configured on the VPN concentrator during the IKE phase?



C. Diffie-Hellman


Answer: C

Question No: 13

A company has had several security incidents in the past six months. It appears that the majority of the incidents occurred on systems with older software on development workstations. Which of the following should be implemented to help prevent similar incidents in the future?

A. Peer code review

B. Application whitelisting

C. Patch management

D. Host-based firewall

Answer: C

Question No: 14

An employee from the fire Marshallu2019s office arrives to inspect the data center. The operator allows him to bypass the multi-factor authentication to enter the data center. Which of the following types of attacks may be underway?

A. Impersonation

B. Hoax

C. Tailgating

D. Spoofing

Answer: C

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